DESIGNING WITH…Chinese Wedding Cabinets!

My new obsession lately has been vintage Chinese wedding cabinets!

I love that they are so versatile but mostly I love the history behind them! In the past, they were part of the Chinese pre-wedding series of 6 rituals; the bride’s parents would deliver the bride’s dowry a few days before the wedding either in a wooden cabinet or a wooden chest, hence the name ‘wedding’ cabinet! The dowry typically included new clothes, bedding, tea set, baby items, slippers & jewellery, that is why they were mainly used as wardrobes!

I think they would look great in every room! In an entryway for your coats, in a kitchen as pantry storage, in a guest bedroom as a linen cupboard, in an office for your folders, in your studio for your craft supplies or even in a living/dining area as a bar cabinet!

I am getting mine this week for my kitchen to serve as a coffee station/ bar cabinet/ crockery storage! Talking about versatility & multi function!! Can’t wait to get organised!

Where would you use one?



in the Living Room
in the Kitchen
in the Bedroom
in the Bedroom
in the Foyer
in Red
in the Entryway
in the kitchen by SieMatic
in the Living Room 
Handle detail

All photos via Pinterest, Flickr, Elle Decor

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